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“A surveillance tool is a digital manifestation of our presence. Imagine a kind of omnipotence  around a certain space, monitoring, seeing, breathing. A surveillance tool is you when you are absent; a representation when you are not..”   Anonymous.

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The cryptic, spy-affiliated, undercover word you hear mostly in spy thrillers, investigative journalism or crime spangling detectives (what’s up Sherlock!). The need for constant security in a more or less insecure world has led the human race to develop more and more ways of keeping themselves and their spheres of ownership safe and secure. One such quintessence of human ingenuity is the form of video cameras and surveillance technology. In this mini-discuss (this will most definitely not be boring, I assure you), we will summarily delve into the world of surveillance technology, particularly video surveillance in the form of CCTV and examine the little bits and pieces affiliated with CCTV. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

The world as we know it is literally littered with video surveillance, particularly CCTV cameras. I mean, no one can say they haven’t noticed a CCTV setup before. From the inconspicuous corners of supermarkets, the large expanse of reception halls, to even homes and offices, the presence of CCTV camera’s can be seen in virtually every system.

On to a bit of history. The first ever CCTV camera known to the eyes of the western world was developed in 1942 in Germany by a man named Walter Bruch (a round of applause everyone!). The camera was initially designed to observe the launch of the German rockets in the war, monitoring the rocket’s trajectory, and you guessed it: TARGETS. But, as we all know, the human mind is a curious one and will always expand itself to look for new ways of utilizing or modifying existing technology. In 1949, a US company introduced the first ever CCTV television system, and in the subsequent years of 1973, the 1980’s and the 1990’s, CCTV was deployed in police departments as local surveillance systems to monitor and control crime and what not. The CCTV cameras had relative success rates in deterring crime and as a result, it’s underlying technology was improved upon to cover and include a large range of applications, including airport security, terrorism deterrents, prison surveillance and a fleet of other uses, all of which have the net benefit of making our world a better place.

Now that our mental appetites have been wetted with a mini introduction to the world of video surveillance and CCTV cameras, we can move on to ask the next question on this escapade: “How exactly do CCTV camera’s work?”.

For starters, CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and CCTV systems operate on the basis of three components: The CCTV cameras, the Video recorder, and Central/Remote monitoring. So let’s understand the schematic on a fundamental level. The cameras are essentially what you see; the little round, (sometimes black) small bumps on the corner of the wall that occasionally blinks and stares right down at you. A set of CCTV cameras in a certain location are all connected to the video recorder which transmits video or audio recordings of the sphere of influence of the CCTV cameras to a television or monitor, where It can be viewed by a large number of people (central monitoring), or to a mobile device or restricted medium where it can be viewed remotely (remote monitoring). Think of this as a consistent live feed of everything that’s going on in a certain place. The video and audio recordings can be stored on a hard disk or any external storage device and referenced by either local authority or high-level personnel in either investigations or other scenarios (*wink wink*).

Security isn’t confined to just a public place like a supermarket, a park or a street intersection. Security encompasses every facet of human living and this includes our work and comfort spaces (your office and home for short). But do you REALLY need a surveillance system in your home or your office? What good will that extra expense possibly serve?

Imagine you had a set of CCTV cameras in your home all linked to your mobile device. Imagine you left the house for an outing and in the middle of your drive, you get an alert or look through your camera and see that something was burning in the kitchen. Immediately, you would head back home, put out the burn and stop the possibility of some serious damage. This is just one manifestation of the power of CCTV camera technology. With a set of CCTV cameras, you could monitor virtually anything that goes on in your home, from your kids, to your spouse to your relatives to even odd disturbances in your home ranging from a pipe leak to odd noises. Plus, do you really think a burglar would be bold enough to rob a home that had CCTV cameras in it?. Cameras that transmit and record virtually everything that goes on, from perimeter breaches to human identification? He/She would have to be invisible to pull of such a daring adventure (lucky for us, the cloak of invisibility hasn’t been invented yet, so yippee!!).

In the work space, CCTV cameras could be used not only for security purposes, but also for process monitoring and meeting management. A CEO could supervise operations of his team from his mobile phone in a different location if he were connected to the cameras. Processes in plants could be monitored for quality control and a huge variety of other tasks. CCTV isn’t just another camera, no. It is an eye when you can’t see. A viable representation when you’re absent.

NOW INTRODUCING,…Locksmith Nottingham LTD
So, it’s that point again. You’re contemplating the idea of getting a CCTV camera installed in your home or work space and you’re thinking of getting some professional expertise in to handle it all. That’s where we come in. At Locksmith Nottingham ltd, we handle all kinds of CCTV installation and set specific layouts and focal areas to ensure as optimum a coverage as possible. From mounting to CCTV cabling to the DVR/CCTV recorder to monitors and monitor cabling or smartphone transmission, Locksmith Nottingham installation services have literally got you covered in the area of CCTV surveillance.

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