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“The current sphere of everyday life is populated by a set of misfits which we’ve conveniently termed intruders. Whether it be intrusion into our personal property, intrusion into our beings or even intrusions into our minds, any form of the dastardly act is proportional to harm, and for this reason, we must find a way to alert ourselves.”

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The issue of security in our ever-evolving, ever-expanding world is one of very pivotal concern to all and sundry. As a people, we have mapped for ourselves the very fundamental principles of privacy and the need to “keep to your own space” in order to ensure balance and a form of sanctity. Buy what happens when your personal space is being intruded upon? What happens when the very space in which you can call your own is being violated by another with the intent to alter the equilibrium of that state. Well, we’re here to find out aren’t we? So without further dilly-dally, lets dive right in to the very topic of intruder alarms and why these loud, noisy companions are so important in today’s world.

To kick things off, we need to begin with a preliminary discuss on our central theme: The Famed Intruder Alarm.

Intuitively, we can try to define what an intruder alarm is by looking at the two words that constitute the phrase, ‘intruder’ and ‘alarm’. An intruder is anyone or anything that enters a place or a space without permission, often time to do something that isn’t quite legal. An alarm is anything that constitutes an obvious signal for danger, the purpose of which is to warn. Putting the two together, we can say that an intruder alarm is anything that would warn against intrusion. Seems straightforward right?

Taking the more detailed path, we can define an intruder alarm or a security alarm as a system designed to detect intrusion (unauthorized entry) into a building or other area. Intruder alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties for protection against burglary (theft), property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders. Intruder alarms, for instance, are integrated in cars in the form of car alarms to help protect vehicles and their contents, home spaces (which statistically, has shown a sharp decrease in theft), and in prisons, where these systems have been used to control inmates.

Now, On to a bit of History…
Have you ever wondered where the idea for the intruder alarm came from? The history of the intruder alarm, quite unsurprisingly, dates back thousands of years ago. According to Historian, William Greer, the idea of intruder alarms came about “soon after we put a value on [human] life and property and learned that we could lose both suddenly and without warning by fire, stealth and force.”
As early as 386 B.C., historians noted that the ancient Romans used animals such as geese to alert them of danger. This implies that before the rapid expanse of the technologies that we have today, the earliest for of intruder alarms came from animals and their abilities to stir up some warning if something wasn’t right (the bark of dogs and the cackle of geese would have been impressively loud and distinguishable to our forefathers).

The first ever creation of an intrusion door alarm was credited to an English inventor, Tildesley, who used a set of chimes mechanically linked too the lock of a door. When any sort of intrusion occurred, the chimes would set off a wailing sound, alerting the homeowners of intrusion. This was in the early 1700’s and over time, the discovery of electricity, magnetism and motion detection technology vastly improved the overall efficiency and popularity of the intruder alarms.

An intruder alarm system consists of a series of electrical components that are connected to a certain property. How intruder systems work is quite basic when you look at it fundamentally. The first step entails the installation of an intruder system onto a window or a door. When this door or window is shut, the contact of the door or window in the frame is detected by the inbuilt sensors in the system. If this contact is disturbed or tampered with in any way, the circuit in the alarm is broken and the alarm countdown is triggered. If an abort code is not inputted, the alarm will sound. Essentially, the working principle here is, when an intruder system is installed, it’s circuit is closed; no sound. If any form of intrusion is noticed in the form of unauthorized motion detection, forced entry and so on, the circuit of the system attached to the perimeter will be broken and what follows next is usually a loud sound or in other cases, bright, flashing lights.

Intruder alarms can be combined with closed-circuit television surveillance (CCTV cameras) and smart locks on doors (for electrically locked doors) to provide a comprehensive and holistic security outfit. The combination of intruder alarm + CCTV cameras + Smart lock can automatically record the activities of the intruder, map and take recordings of his physical appearance, as well as simultaneously provide an alarm to alert the surrounding of a possible break-in.

The intruder alarms guarantee and ensure maximum security for homeowners and business spaces. Intruders into a particular space, be it a home or a business space, more often than not rely on stealth to achieve entry; the quality of not being seen, not being heard and not being detected. Intruder alarms remove an intruders stealth capacity by disturbing the quiet with loud, obvious and blaring sounds. A CCTV camera outfit removes his/her ability to avoid being seen. Intruder alarms can also be outfitted with smoke detection technology to detect and alert in the cases of fires or flames. In combination, the intruder alarm system is a sure fire way of making sure you and your space stay as safe as possible.

It’s that time again. The zenith of the discuss; the moment of truth. Now that you’ve gotten a general grasp on the concepts of intruder alarms and how they work, you might think it a good idea to get one installed in your home or business space. This is where Locksmith Nottingham Ltd comes into the fold. Locksmith Nottingham Ltd is dedicated to a holistic security dynamic that installs intruder alarms from the wireless home security panel, to the sensors and detectors placement, to deployment and testing of the system. Locksmith Nottingham also installs smart locks and CCTV cameras and provide the three-pronged ALARM + CCTV + SMART LOCK system to improve the overall security of your space. In the area of security and intruder alarm installation, Locksmith Nottingham Ltd will get you alerted (see what we did there?!)

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