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The frame of reality in which we currently live in as a species is one fraught with uncertainty and insecurity. One never really knows how safe or secure they are on the street, in the supermarket, in a conference hall or even in the four-walled confines of their own home. As a result of this rapidly growing sense of insecurity, people have indulged in the art of keeping themselves safe. From the use of good ol’ fashioned animal security or mechanical bolts on the door, to high-tech state-of-the-art electronic security devices, ranging from password inputs to even fingerprint and eye scan bio-metrics! (some crazy, super- spy stuff, I know).The main point here however is that security is one facet of human existence that regulates our activities from how well we sleep at night to the degree of safety of ourselves and the immediate family; one facet that must never be under emphasised.

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The World of Smart Locks

The journey of a thousand miles, they say, begins with one step, and our very first step in this secure escapade will begin with the topic of smar t locks. So, what exactly ARE smart locks? Well, smart locks are a form of security device that blends the design of electronic and mechanical applications. It is an electromechanical lock designed to perform locking and unlocking operations on a door when it receives such instructions from an authorised device using a wireless protocol and a cryptographic key to execute the process. Long story short, a smart lock is an electronic and mechanical locking device that opens wirelessly with an authorised users’ authentication.
Smart locks are essentially the bolts of a smart home, allowing homeowners to enter their homes or provide some form of access without requiring the use of a traditional key. The users would instead use their smartphones or a ‘key fob’ to wirelessly verify and mechanically unlock the door. This utterly eliminates the fear of burglary,  lock-picking or forced entry as any attempt to manually mess with the lock would set up a vehement alarm and possibly notify nearby security personnel of the break-in event and in the most advanced settings, capture the identity of the perpetrator on camera. Now ain’t that neat!

How do Smart Locks work?

Now that we have a general overview on what smart locks are, we can delve into the perspective of how these locks work. Smart locks, like the traditional locks, need two parts to work: the lock and the key. In the case of our dear electronic locks, the key is not a clustered bunch of metal, but rather, a smartphone or a special key fob which is designed or set specifically for the purpose which is to wirelessly perform the level of authentication (commanded by its user) to automatically grant access, by locking or unlocking a door.
Smart locks allow users access by means of a virtual key. This key can be sent to the recipient’s smartphone via e-mail or SMS. Once this key is received, the recipient will be able to unlock the smart lock. Some smart locks come with a built-in WiFi connection that allows monitoring features such as access to notifications or cameras or linking other devices in the surrounding environment to its mainframe, such as phones, which would enable the user to see who is at the door or what is at the door. This powerful adaptation serves many purposes, chief of which can include fore-knowledge of fishy activities. You can imagine a smart lock as a sort of mobile app which only you have access to at any given time and which you can control remotely from any location.

Pros and Cons

As with everything that trails our adaptation as humans, there always will exist the facet of Pros and Cons. The smart lock topic is no exception to this facet. First off, let’s discuss the pros of smart locks. Smart locks come with a host of advantages, primarily accessibility and layered security. Imagine you were in the bathroom and suddenly, a friend of your rings the doorbell. Traditionally locked door would compel you to leave your bath, put some form of clothing on and proceed to unlock the door. With a smart lock, you could simply command the door to unlock or swipe a button on your smartphone to let your friend in. Pure Convenience! The smart lock sways to the rhythm of your convenience as effortlessly as the tock of clock’s hand.
The next important advantage when it comes to the topic of smart locks is improved security. Traditional locks over mankind’s history has had a consistent reputation of not being ‘truly safe’. From picked locks to forced entry, traditional locks, although sturdy in design and durable, are not always safe. Smart locks however, come with the advantage of total homeowner security. Breaches are near unlikely as anyone who tried to manually vandalise a smart lock risks being caught.
The major con of smart locks however, is hacking. There exists a bunch of annoying individuals who make it their sole interest to disable electronic security systems, especially is these systems have an online presence and find a back-door with which to exploit vulnerabilities. A hacked security system is a compromised one which in most cases could spell doom for the privacy of the homeowner. Luckily, technologies in cryptography and advanced wireless security are consistently being integrated into smart locks to make them more and more secure as the days and very soon, we’ll be able to say goodbye to hackers and embrace a world where security is guaranteed to the utmost.


Now that you’ve breezed through the concept of smart locks and really grasped their implications on a grander scale, you might be thinking,“Hmm, a smart lock in my home seems like a mighty fine idea”. Your thoughts aren’t far off. With a world fast moving into the areas of IoT, it is no wonder that the installation of smart locks has steadily been on a sharp ascent. And for this reason, Locksmith Nottingham Ltd has grounded its expertise in the installation of smart locks. From our experience in Yale locks to other forms of smart locks, Locksmith Nottingham Ltd has got you covered. We are the top smart lock installers in Nottingham and our range of smart lock installation covers quite a number of security facets from virtual key generalisation to installation of the lock itself to system updates. You could say that we keep the Nottingham area smart and secure. The only thing you have to do is check out our info and give us a call!

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